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Body Mounting Brackets..

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I recently bought 4 new body mounting brackets for my 110 build. 2 x NRC7053 and 2 x NRC6951.

Now the inner mountings (6951) have a plate with 2 captive nuts welded in. Does anyone have any idea what is supposed to screw into these? Its the only difference between the 2 part numbers..

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I bought these two same brackets and I believe the welded plate is there to catch the mud and make it rot early!

Interestingly I took off the old ones and neither of them had the plate.

In hindsight I would have done away with the plate one and fitted two without plates but like you I already had them.

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Yea - they will prob rot before your very eyes! Weird one though as no-one ive spoken to has any idea what is supposed to go into the captives.....not even the dealer!

Come on - some landrover anorak must be up for the challenge! What are the captives there for!?

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