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Rotten chassis Help!

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Right heres My problem.

On removing the Tub on the rear of my 90' Ive found the chassis very weak from behind the spring mountings to the rear crossmember, Ive checked rest of the chassis and the rest is totally ok. How do i go about repairing it ?

Im Currently in the process of putting a tray back on it.

My idea was i was gonna straighten that piece of chassis anyway so. What would i use metal wise? oh and thickness.

How else would you over come this weakined bit.?

any advice would be great.


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How near rear cross member? And is cross member ok? (give it a good smack with hammer near jacking points).

Not done a 90 but on a 110 a replacement cross member with extensions comes about 1' forward. These 'glove' over chassis. Would this cover it?

Otherwise it's 3mm thick (or thereabouts) steel and a happy morning's welding.

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