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300tdi Multibelt length?

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Fistly thanks for a great forum.

I have a 300tdi Defender 90 CSW that is showing a tendency for destroying alternators.

In every case, the front bearing of the alternator either collapses, or the bearing actually enlarges the hole in the casing it sits in.

Now this leads me to believe that the belt tension might be too high.

Seeing as the tensioner cannot be adjusted, is there a specific length multibelt that I must use? My Defender has aircon as well.


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the air con belt should be separate from the main alt/pas belt.

the gates belt book gives two lengths for the alternator, depending on engine number...

-> 16L25164 7 rib 1605mm length (gates part # 7pk1605)

16L25165 -> 7 rib 1580mm length (gates part # 7pk1580)

so it could be worth finding one in between the two, say a 7 rib 1590 belt? (gates list a 7 rib 1593mm, part number 7pk1593)

the air con belt spec is a 4 rib 1325mm (gates part # 4pk1325)

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Thanks for the speedy reply.

Yes, you are right the aircon IS seperate, I wasn't thinkin straight.

I will take my belt off & compare to both at the agents, I think mine will be the shorter of the two.

Does the tensioner exert the same amount of force throughout it's entire arc of movement? If so then a shorter/longer belt won't really matter?


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