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Yet another juddering issue

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Hi all,

First post here and unfortunatly its probably a question that has been asked countless times. However, there appears to be no specific replies on the problem I am encountering.

Defender 110 TD5, 2002. IT judders horribly when pulling away in first gear and also sometimes through second gear on the acceleration away from stop. Disapears once momentum is atained in both those gears and non excistant in 3rd.

Only starts after a 15 mins (approx) drive.

Was outside all winter through the snow. Not sure if it was doing it at all before the snows.

Replaced cluch plate, friction plate and release bearing last september.

Has been used over the years to tow horse trailers and carry loads, but not on a regular basis.

The prop shafts have been checked for play and greased every 6 months or so.

Does not go off road that much and only then just driving around the grazing fields. nothing extreme at all. Does not wade at all or do deep mud.

Any thoughts please?


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Hi and welcome to the forum :)

When you done the clutch did you check the dual mass flywheel for play?

Other causes of judder include oil - from rear main seal or diesel from the fuel preheater leaking down the back of the head/block. Is the flywheel housing drain plug fitted ? - for normal use it should be open and only fitted for wading/deep mud



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Sounds like the flywheel to me.

The one on our Audi jammed, making reversing and moving off in first a horrible juddery affair. Almost felt like you were driving over corrugations on the road or something.

Once the clutch was fully engaged it went away, only really presented when you were slipping the clutch.

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