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TDi 200 engine into RRC

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Hi Iam new in this forum. I have an RRC 3.9 auto with faulty engine. The auto gearbox is immaculate. I also have a TDi 200 manual with faulty gearbox. My plan is to transfer the TDi engine into the RRC. I am sure this have been discussed in previous topic, but i was unable to trace them. I would appreciate if i can get your advice on the following:

Is this a straight forward thing to do? What modification do i have to do? will the engine mount fit exactly? Which flywheel and starter will be used?


Ham from Brunei

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The auto box is not really suitable as the gearing is different.

You need the 200tdi engine mounts and must weld them to your chassis.

The bulkhead / firewall needs to be "altered" a bit if you want to remove the rocker cover ever again, it's not much and I did mine with a persuader bar :o

I converted my classic and really wish I had left well alone and my one has a manual box.

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