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I remember seeing "Extreme Ironing" on a tv show once.

Ironing while:

riding a bike, with ironing board on wheels alongside

sky diving, with ironing board under one arm


Don't recall 4x4 ironing though!

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NO, thought we were talking about proper football not sunday league............

What a game, it had the lot best team came 2nd shame the Reds could not keep it flowing bloody cramp more like time wasting they knew they would win the penalty shoot out.


Gnomeranger, your rear tyres are flat :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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How on earth can the best team come 2nd. Did they let the others win because people were laughing at them. Did one of the other team have the sniffles and letting them win would cheer them up. Had the "best" team just been to dinner at the Marriot just befor the game. Ha ha ha

Silly game.

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