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110 calipers

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Now when stripping my 110 so i decided to overhaul my calipers too!

I tooke a look at different retailers and there seem to be calipers to SOLID and WENTED discs! When lookin att them i cant see any

difference on thos 2 calipers.

whats the difference? I have wented discs on my 110 so i orderd new alike.

but can someone explaine the differance and can they be used "cross" like wented discs with solid caliper and vice cersa.



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I think you'll find the Vented discs are thicker than the Solid ones so the vented disc caliper needs to accommodate the extra thickness.

I know there's certainly a big difference between the vented front and solid back ones on my 90.

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Solid means the brake disc is just a disc.

Vented means the brake disc has a row of cooling slots between the 2 disc faces [the area the brake pads work on]

more info here about disc brakes

Cross drllied & slotted vented or solid discs can be fitted instead, but the drillings can fill with mud/grit when offroad, your probably better to stay with the LR discs as you know the fit straight on & work without giving any concerns

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