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LT230 Re-Fitting. Stud / Bolt Positions

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can anyone tell me where the two studs go. I got one on the left side second hole down where the main earth goes.

Does the other go top right or bottom right?

(I'm facing front of vehicle)

Part is FTC890 and i have two. One for the earth. Whats the other for and where's it go?

Suppose I should have took note what i removed them :o !

Thanks. This is driving me mad and i've not found the answer anywhere.

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Don't think there's a set location for the studs, but fitting them to the main gearbox rear face before refitting the transferbox is a good idea, then you have something to hang the TB on & can get those 2 nuts in place, before the rest of the bolts.

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Thanks. Looking on Microcat it looks like they should be in certain locations but since you're usually better than Microcat i'll go with the holes i have left... :D


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I think this trans was certainly changed at some point as one of the bolts was really short** so thats now a M10x35mm and the stud replaced with a M10x40mm.

**The hole thats next to the front output housing which White90 says in his article has a smaller head certainly wasn't on mine but its now an M10x35. It only had a 20mm in it and thats too short. A 40mm was too long and jammed the Trans.

Anyhow its now fitted and full of Q8 80/90 and i should be back on the road soon even if its only a test run. :P

Thanks for the help,,, as always. :)

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