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Please fix my floor !


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Ok... i've been in my lockup unit for about 4 years now - and ever since day 1 the floor has been kak :lol: about time i did something i think !

We painted it originally, and it didn't last long in the heavy traffic areas. I don't think it was the paint, more the concrete. It dusts up really easily... If you sweep it with a stiff yard broom, you'll just make more and more dust as the concrete wears away :unsure::huh:

It's about 6m x 8m.

So.......... how can i sort it ?

Another layer of concrete over the top i thought, but it'd have to be fairly thick ?

Paint it with something ?

What is the epoxy resin floor paint like ? Can / should i do something before painting it ?

One day, when i win the lottery i want a forumla one style garage :D



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I am advised that an epoxy-based garage floor paint (like what International make) will be good, provided you hoover all the dust up properley first :) .

If the upper surface is already cracking up, then you will need to re-screed it :(

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You could try a concrete sealant or, for a better job a floor levelling compound (in effect a very thin screed) would do it. For the latter the floor would need to be damped to give it a key and you'd have to remove the old paint, not something which should give you any trouble from the sound of it! Give you an added bonus of a much smoother floor too, if not up to F1 standards.

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Epoxy is tough and durable, but it is susceptible to holes from weld-spatter. But then, I don't remember that much welding going on in F1 garages...

I bet they even use duct tape, JB weld and 5 minute epoxy an hour before a race. For all the swank and glitter they'll still need to bodge up an unexpected problem same as the rest of us

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