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Defender 300 TDI cutting out

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I hope someone can help with this problem.

Its a 1996 defender 300TDI done 75000miles. The other day without warning it just stopped (as though I had turned ignition off), it wouldnt start but re started after about 2 minutes and ran fine. I kept it running and wiggled the wire to the stop solonoid nothing happened. I checked a few other wires ,and pushed all the fuses, it still ran.

Today after abut 15 miles it stopped again (at traffic lights) but re started after 2 minutes once again then no problem all rest of day. Ive ordered a new solenoid.

Can you get intermittent faults on the solonoid ?? Could it be anything else like lift pump playing up?? What about the EGR would that have any effect?? Basically am I looking in the right place.

Where is the main earth wire ?? theres one on the bulkhead and thats fine. By the way mines a Bosch pump and the solenoid looks a bit of a sod to get to any tips??

Thanks for your help. Keith

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