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TD5 Active cornering enhancement actuator replacement.


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Hello folks,

Jumped over from the Mil forum to ask about this one.

My father has a TD5 Disco and has orderred a new A.C.E. actuator and was wondering if there is anybody who knows of a fitting guide, or any hints/tips when doing this job.

My mechanical knowledge is non existant for basic Rovers, never mind these new fangled thingies.

So could anyone provide me with any help I can pass on to him?.



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Suggest you download the RAVE manual (you'll find it easily). I copied this for you in the meantime:


Actuator - front - ACE

CAUTION: The ACE hydraulic system is extremely sensitive to the ingress of dirt or debris. The smallest amount could render the system unserviceable. It is imperative that the following precautions are taken.

l ACE components are thoroughly cleaned externally before work commences;

l all opened pipe and module ports are capped immediately;

l all fluid is stored in and administered through clean containers.


1. Raise vehicle on a ramp.

2. Remove RH front road wheel.

3. Position container to collect fluid spillage.

4. Remove cap nuts securing fluid pipes to actuator. Disconnect pipes and discard sealing washers.

CAUTION: Always fit plugs to open connections to prevent contamination.

5. Remove 2 nuts securing anti-roll bar links to axle. Release links from axle.

6. With assistance, remove 2 bolts and remove both clamp plates from torsion bar.

7. Remove mounting rubbers from torsion bar.

8. Remove torsion bar and actuator assembly.

CAUTION: While removed from the vehicle, ensure torsion bar is stored without any load on the anti-roll bar links, or the ball joints and/or link rods could be damaged.

9. Use LRT-60-009 to remove nut securing actuator to long arm.

10. Remove nut and bolt securing actuator to short arm and remove actuator.

CAUTION: The short arm and torsion bar are supplied as an assembly and must not be separated.


1. Fit actuator to torsion bar. Use LRT-60-009 to tighten actuator to long arm nut to 48 Nm (35lbf.ft). Tighten actuator to short arm nut and bolt to 180 Nm (133 lbf.ft).

2. Ensure torsion bar mounting rubber mating faces are clean and free from damage.

3. Fit mounting rubbers to torsion bar.

4. With assistance, position torsion bar and actuator assembly to vehicle. Fit clamp plates and tighten bolts to 45 Nm (33 lbf.ft).

5. Ensure washer is in place on lower ball joint of each anti-roll bar link, then connect lower ball joint to axle and tighten nuts to 100 Nm (74lbf.ft).

6. Connect pipes to actuator with cap nuts and new sealing washers. Tighten cap nuts to 29Nm (21 lbf.ft). Ensure pipes are not under tension or kinked.

7. Renew ACE high pressure filter.

8. Bleed ACE hydraulic system.

9. Fit RH front road wheel and tighten nuts to 140Nm (103 lbf.ft).

10. Lower vehicle.

I removed my ACE, and with coil suspension you won't even notice (ACE is more effective with air suspension models).

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Thanks for that I never even thought of looking in that.

Few wee queries........

9. Use LRT-60-009 to remove nut securing actuator to long arm. is there an alternative?, if not where would I get this?.

Any idea how you 8. Bleed ACE hydraulic system on the refit?

Thanks again,


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