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Glow Plugs


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I have a series Disco 2 TDi and my glow plugs seem to take forever to heat up (45 seconds at least)and give me an indication on the dash that they are warm.

I can see the relay that drived these, is this the only thing that determines when thay are ready.

If so can relay be repaired or is it a through away item.

Any ideas.


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I would swap the timer relay first for a known good one & see if it cure's the fault, how long have the glowplugs been in, if their not working correctly it would affect the starting, you can test them, carefully remove & with a set of jump leads & the battery -- connect the glowplug body to the Neg - terminal & connect the screw stud on the glowplug to the Pos + terminal, DO NOT let the jump leads touch each other & Do Not touch the glowplugs tip, with it all connected the plug should glow bright red/orange within 8 secs, if not replace the set, with genuine parts.

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