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Welding Ali

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I have been wondering.....

Technology moves on at an amazing rate sometimes....

My Mate has a 3 phase Ali TIG welder that I use now and again, its HUGE, like a small wardobe, but isa superb piece of kit.

He also has a HUGE NC Plasma, which cuts amazingly thick lumps....

Some while ago he bought a small single phase plasma for "site Work", about the size of a A4 Ring binder - and I laughed........

he had the last laugh, I was so impressed I went and bought one too a sureweld...

A superb piece of kit, small light compaxt and works from Inverter Technology, cuts 6mm easy all day, 10mm max and have pently of fuses !

So, I was wondering, is there such a thing for TIG weld ?

It has always been the case that to ali weld TIG you need Prof kit, all the hobby stuff was / is ? frankly junk ?

So, is there now a single phase TIG welder that will with pure argon etc allow QUALITY welded Ali ?....ior is it still the domain of the Prof 3 phase kit ?

Nige :huh:

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Ive got a Cebora 1835 single phase tig and it does a pretty good job for light jobs, fine control light and easy to work with, Ive also got an ESAB 400A with AC/DC TIG and MIG but thats 3 phase - you're welcome to have a play next time you're passing

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£1925 + vat = GULP :huh:

What thickness will it TIG to ?

Jez is yours any more "reasobale" ?...and again what guage will it cope with

Are we talking 13amp here or cooker circuit at 30 amp Single Phase ?


(a tad in shock !)

'bout £1800 plus vat or shop about for a deal........ you dont want to know about the ESAB :ph34r:

cheapest would be a Ready welder, if you wanna have a whirl grab a 0.5kg mini roll of ally wire and have a go on mine, Andy found an ultra cheap copy for about £100 - they MIG ally happily

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When it comes to AC/DC tig sets you do get what you pay for! I have just sent back 1 of my new tig sets it was a CEA 250amp single phase what a pile of S**T total waste of £2100 so i ended up spending nearly £8000 :blink: on a full all singing and danceing KEMPI 350 amp set,water cooled etc.If you are after a DC only tig the best one at the mo is the BUTTERS 160 HF single phase i use one every day and only cost £500 ish.


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