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Hinge fixing woes.

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I've hit a snag while removing the doors...

The 6 of the bolts of my doors came out fine, but the bolts of one bottom hinge were veeeeery stiff (Which isn't that surprising after 25 years of neglect), and due to a little "Persuasion" with an impact driver, the kept-nuts have failed to keep...

Are there any options other than drilling the bar stewards out?



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i spent fkin ages trying to do mine many fags and counts to ten breathing deepley later i resorted to self drillers like you use to hold tin sheets to a roof works a treat looks a bit shoody but never mind

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Yup....been there done that.

Be ever-so careful when drilling to use a really good sharp drill as I got halfway through and the captive nut came loose and fixed itself to the shank of the drill so it just spun inside the pillar.....Grrrrrrr, so use a really sharp drill and back the drill off once in a while or suffer the same fate as I :(

Good Luck

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The captive nuts have already parted company with the bulkhead :angry: I'll get a couple of good drillbits on monday, and hope that it all works ok...

the self drillers will go through the not so captive nuts and fix to the inner frame work so dont have to drill them out and risk them becoming stuck to your bit

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If the captive nuts are spinning, use a grinder to cut through the hinge at an angle and cut the head off the bolt. The hinge will be scrap but then if it's been on there long enough for the nut/bolt to rust together then it's probably shagged anyway.



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