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Gauging interest for fibreglass RRC panels


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Another interested in the rear corners (the bits that hold the rear lights, from the edges of the tail gate to the seam under the front edge of the black vinyl covered D pillar) - there spot welded seams always allow the water in and then the rot.

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I think there will be Lot's of interest in the fibreglass panels at the right price. MM4X4 were too expensive for the panels, cheaper to buy a second hand one & respray it so like I said if the price is right & the fit I will buy.

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Would fibreglass panels take a paint finish?

I think the bigger problem would be matching with the other faded body work, if you got it paint matched then I wouldn't see any problem.

We had fibreglass on my dads 86 front wing sides because they were cheaper than aluminium, problem is, with very little support to stop them flexing the paint cracked and fell off sad.gif Then I crashed it into a tree blink.gif the fibreglass sides tore and needed complete replacement, but the top/front aluminium section of the wing, which took the brunt of the impact, just hammered out biggrin.gif We're now running aluminium all round.

If you think you liable to bend the fibreglass part in question go with steel, it'll be more economical in the long run rolleyes.gif

Having said that I can't find 2 door door's anywhere and fibreglass is better than thin air biggrin.gif

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to all those who have mailed me thanks and sorry i have not o bak toall of you update the molds are taking longer than expected to produce the hardest problem which i did not understand is using a perfect item to make the mold from and imperfection in the original will be transfered on to the mold then on to the new paret making more down time on perfecting the imperfections and as i would like these to be a near straight bolt on afair for people has lead to a remake of the molds which we are curently doing i am hoping to have a few pre production items ready for the lro show in september. as with most things the idea sounded good the practical.

if people have some good used panels with little or no rust to use for making the patternes it would greatly help.

i do not think a door skin can be reproduced it would be hard to make it stick as the original skins are glued and crimpedto the door frame

cheers guys i will keep you posted

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