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Why a Full Faceshield is a Good Idea


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This is a topic that has been discussed on here a number of times and some have had first hand experience of getting debris in the eyes (Tony C had a post on it a while ago).

This photo is currently doing the rounds at work and I thought it may be worth posting to give a bit of visual impact rather than replying on just words....


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I've recently taken to wearing a fill face shield after a similar, but less penetrating incident with goggles. It would have been fairly messy if it had hit anywhere other than the goggle lens.

The poster in the background is ironic :)

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If it provides a nudge to get the right kit, I'm glad. :)

I can't find goggles that stay clear after a couple of wipes so hopefully the visor will do a better job or at least provide a better tolerance for seeing...

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