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gearbox / clutch problem

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was wondering if anyone had experienced this problem, its an r380

im having problems making a smooth change from first to second gear, gear oil has been changed and showed no sings of metal or copper fillings. it is only gringing from 1st -2nd, every other gear is fine.

if i change gear by lifting the gear leaver up and then slot into 2nd it reduces/ stops the grinding. im hoping its only the clutch that needs adjusting because it has roughly 4" of movement before you get any resistance and it sits a lot higher that the brake and accelerator pedel.

also , changes gear perfectly for first couple of minutes of driving, but as son as it warms up, the grinding starts

any ideas guys

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Notoriously common notchy 2nd gear on the r380.

Change oil to MTF 94.

I've sorted mine by using this on my Disco but some on this Forum use 'Difflock's' varient, though expensive, to good effect.

No doubt a more experienced member will confirm this but I had the exact same problem and the MTF 94 sorted it. :D

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