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old rover V8 to serpentine conversion


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Hi, I'm looking to convert my '87 RRC V8 to serpentine V8-thing (how do you call this?)

now, i've been searching this forum and others for more info, what to do, and how to do it...

but I havn't found a really god "how to" - manual (and a "what NOT to forget" - list :P )

All info is welcome!

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Serp Crank is longer so its a no no

I have seen some horrors of DIY Serp conversions which sort of prove the theory

that serp to V belts is fine, but not the other way

Even if you buy a new crank you'll need machining done to the block

all in all whilst "Anything" is possible esp with £££s thrown at it

this is not a good or sensible tweak


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You turn fan belt tensioning from a 40 minute swear-fest to nothing at all, and belt changing becomes a ten second job - plus the oil pump - plus (on the later ones) cross-bolted mains...

Err - sorry = lost track of the original post there!!! forget this lot :)

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I'd ask why on earth you want to, what are you hoping to gain? There's more than one way to skin a cat - science fact! :P

what was I hoping to gain?

Well... eermm..... a belt with less "cat noises" under the bonnet :P

easyer belt swap when needed....

1 belt to do it all....

and that's about it :D

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