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What is 'the' Land Rover show to go to?


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Been a bit out of it for a couple of years, but looking to fire my old LR up and get out to a show.

What's the show to?

Looking for plenty of autojumble stalls, army surplus and new trade stands..... and a cider/beer tent!.... oh and camping of course.

Any recommendations will be gratefully received.....


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I went several times to Billing in the 90s with the 2a, liked it, and am trying to gear up taking the 90 this year (and visit relatives as a cover ... :ph34r: ).

I don't think I'd go every year, but there is certianly enough to fill 2 days.

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To supports Mo's comment

Expect almost everyone else to have a different opinion.
I suggest a good start is to strike out any show with Billing in it's Name or Location Address.

Unless you appreciate your wallet being raped by organisers who also think your brain resembles a sandwich short of filling.

On the other hand, to mirror Mo's comment in different words, 'Some people like a bit of rough'.

We can only offer opinions based on our experiences, I write as a paying customer, but the final choice is yours.


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I'm a billing fan, been numerous times. bit wet one occasion :lol:

Went to Peterborough show last year and enjoyed it, but prefer Billing... just something different about it :unsure:

One of the shows I love is the Abingdon 4x4 Festival. Lovely course to drive, great atmostphere, and all proceeds to charity!

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