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alternators - will this one fit?

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not sure if here or the part number request place is best for this but...

i need a new alternator on my 300tdi defender. there seem to be two listed, a 65amp and 100amp. are they interchangable depending on the load or do you need to use the right one.

going by a few posts on here, wood auto have been recommended and they seem to work out cheapest for the 65amp one. will this one wood auto fit the bill?

i think i need to replace the belt at the same time as its looking a bit worn. worth doing the tensioner at the same time?


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65 amp will work fine..

You don’t have heated screen air con etc.

Saying that if you can stretch to the 100 amp I would stick that in.

Tensioner? Not unless it’s making a noise or feels wobbly

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if you upgrade your alternator i would also be very tempted to upgrade the wiring out the back of the alt as well. The wiring thats there will only be rated to 65amp, if you have a high drain moment and the new alt starts chucking out 100amp, you could potentially let the smoke out.

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