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Defender Hub nuts

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There are two procedures in the manuals. One uses a torque and one uses an endplay reading. Either works. I think the torque method is a little more foolproof. Front and back are the same.

If you are not familiar with setting hub bearings, you should read a good description or better yet have someone show you. Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, all cars had hub bearings that were adjustable and required regular service and this job would have been one of the first things you learned as a youngun.

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Drizz-I do mine to what the manual says and so far it's been very good to use the torque settings and follow the manual as now I don't have to keep adjusting them half as much as I used to have to

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I have never torqued the hub nuts up in my life. I adjust them as I was taught many years ago. The idea of torqing them up is new...Well if you have the time. For me waterpump pliers will do the job.

LOL thats what ive used but thought at the time, i better check if this is sufficient!

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