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A 4x4 is Born


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Hi all

I got hold of 'A 4x4 is Born' just after I got my first Discovery and watched it with great interest. Since then I got hold of all the other Mark Evans DVD's and although not 4x4 related they are also very interesting with a good deal of information and tips for repairing, restoring and renovating cars. I also started to watch 'Wheeler Dealers' which is quite good and I am thirsty for more!

Are there any other DVD's, TV shows etc that anyone can recommend that are in a similar vein to the Mark Evans videos? Anything car related, rebuilding, renovating, repairing etc.


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*Flame suit on*

somethign about Orange County Choppers motorbikes... cant remember what its called!

That would be American Chopper then Ross!!!!

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Cheers FridgeFreezer, I have already seen your stuff (and downloaded it from YouTube for future refence) and very nice it is too. How much are your DVD's though?

I am keen to get whatever I can. A few years ago I bought a greenlane movie from fleabay which was basically just a camera on the dashboard of a series landy going for about an hour. It was still good to watch though.

I have seen the American Hotrod episodes on the Discovery channel, but never heard of most of the other ones listed on this thread. I am going to get trawling with this info and see what comes up.

The other thing is that interesting is the Mark Evans stuff when it was on the TV has a load more stuff in it than the retail DVD's. More laughs as well as more information on what is going on. Although I own the DVD's I have found somewhere where I can download all the TV episodes so I can see the in-between bits which gets more watching than the DVD's.

Any more ideas will be gratefully received

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Has anyone got a copy of the original Darien Gap Expedition by Blashford-Snell? Its been years since I saw it at a local club film night in 8mm cine with sound , a superb adventure :)

Camel trophy vids are worth looking for too , the first 10 years are the best. Transylvania trophy, Dresden-Breslau, Mangam Trophy(Poland) , 4x4earth.com.au has some good stuff ,even some Tay Forest Challenge clips



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Although it isn't strictly builds, if you really want alot to watch. all the episodes of the australian channel 4wdtv's show are on wasabi tv. something like 800 or so shows. They even venture to the uk a couple of times to cover some winch challenges.

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I was going to say, we can sell you a DVD or two ;) although we're not "fully extreme" like Mr Evans' build :ph34r:

Fridge, are you allowed to divulge (to the nearest £1000) how much such a peice of art costs to manufacture?

If its like asking a lady how old she is I will take the point :D

Its great to see your vids of real people doing the work rather than the usual magazines, open cheque book and "I took this off, it wasn't up to scratch so we sent it to get replaced/repaired, then we bolted it all back together"

You have a very enviable workshop as well! ;)


G :)

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