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Hogmore 13th June


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Large site suitable for all levels of experience - as challenging as you wish to make it. Sand, Sand and more deep sand with intermittent deep water!

Any level of off roader will enjoy this military site.

Boundary points will be described by marshals on the day and may be barrier taped - please do not cross these.

Do not touch the tanks!!

Care does need to be taken in some areas as sand can be very soft and deceptively difficult to drive, likewise water may disguise sinking sand. If in doubt walk it first. We recommend vehicles have suitable recovery points, front and rear. As with all our events individuals should bring their own recovery gear.

Great Family day out with good visibility for spectators.

Start Time:10:00Finish Time:16:00Difficulty:IntermediatePrice:£25 Facilities:No burger van


Parking area

No toiletsClub Membership is required but you can join on the day.All the normal club rules apply

shire info

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I cant make this one so Im gutted it was changed from brik kiln :ph34r: ! I dont mind missing brik kiln! but Hogmoor is a different story :P

oh well no testing my new locker........If I ever get round to building it up! :D


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Hogmoor is closer than Brick Kiln. Should be there, permitting the issue of an MOT!

I do enjoy the fact that no-one can agree on whether it's Hogmore or Hogmoor happy.gif

I'm dyslexic I copied the Owners spelling laugh.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Will be there marshalling/winching Jules out before the event has even started......


I wish

the 110 is awaiting its 4.2 to be installed so its off the road

the P38 I bought a month ago has just farted and sort of sh*t it's self on my birthday on the way home from work so I can't go and collect the racer on saterday like I had planned

and the 90 which is a mates who I havent see for seven months has just phone he will be back this weekend and is the 90 ok.....



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Well these are the only two photos...

I took my proper camera... but picked up the wrong batteries :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

1st picture is at hogmoor, the 2nd is the tide line on the back door :D

Went right through the middle of the lake... that was Jon Whites fault :P

Had water level with and slightly covering the transmission tunnel.

I also made the 'make-it-once-and-never-again' mistake of leaving the drivers side bulkhead vent wide open... This resulted as you can imagine with water pouring in through there, right over my ipod (survived) and the CB on the lower dash (survived)... the stereo also got water in it, this ended up cracking for the rest of the day and showed every single thing possible on the display. As it dried out it started showing the clock properly, but wouldn't play the radio or ipod.

Will upload a video of one of the challenge trucks when youtube hurries up!



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