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help me start it and win a prize

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hi silly question num 1

i have just swapped my engine for a 2.8 tdi isuzu now do i have to connect the alternator before it will start of will it fire up before connection also if the answer is no can anyone tell me the wiring conections for the alt ,i have 2 brown wires and one other from the original wireing loom on a mod 110 86 model and o idea what i needto connect on the alt itself

many thanks

anyone who helps me get it started will win a six pack of beer


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Most engines will start with the alternator not connected to the wiring, but be aware that the 2 brown wires will be live direct from the battery. Engine will run on the battery for quite some time, especially diesels. The two large brown wires will be for the charge/supply circuit, and connect to the largest of the alt terminals (13mm nut). The thinner wire will be the exciter/charge indicator wire, and usually connects to the smaller alt terminal - 8 or 10mm nut.


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Personally, I wouldn't run the engine with the alternator disconnected, unless the drive belt was removed. It always used to be reckoned that doing it would cause the alternator

to self destruct, trying to charge against no resistance.

However, I don't know for sure, but it MAY be an expensive way to find out!

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