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What straps for engine crane


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What straps do you guys use when lifting out engines / gearboxes ?

I was thinking about geting some 50mm ratchet straps.

Not because I want to ratchet things tight but just thinking it would be easy to adjust to exactly the right length to get the angle right and minimise the gap between the engine and crane for those high lifts when you just need that last bit of clearance. Could even adjust things part way through the lift.

I don't think these straps are rated for lifting but what do you think ? Bad idea ?


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I use a chain not a strap you could use straps but the hoist does the lift not the strap the chain you can fasten in with shackles and know it will not slip.....

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If you need to align the engine/gearbox/whatever, accurately, then a seat belt is very good as it slips in the crane hook very easily. I most commonly use Parachute cord, which is very strong and slips easily for alignment. Chain or rope is ok for a straight lift, but that's all.


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I fabricated a balance bar from a short legnth of scaffold tube and a LR series U bolt. Once the engine is on the balance it is easy to man handle the unit back onto the gearbox.

Any chance of a picture of this? I'm looking for ideas at the moment.


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just one 2t sling right round as close to the engine and through the exhaust manifolds so i doesnt slip. Place board at front of engine bay if range rover classic . Jack underneath handbrake assembly then just pull it out with the forklift.

Well works for us :ph34r:

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