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EP90 (GL4)


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Your local farm shop should sell it in largish quantities. I got a 10 or 15 litre container for £15 i think. Mole Valley farmers.

edit: although i can't find it on their website

Ah that's a good idea, I just don't want a repeat of £35 for 7L if I can avoid it. Although saying that whenever i go in the shop I now have in mind I end up getting carried away and buying loads of other stuff so I'll probably end off worse off... :unsure:

Cheers, Brian

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Try any Autofactors they can usually get it in a few days.

My local branch of Camberley Autofactors (which I think have branches certainly all over southern England) got me a 25L drum Comma oils brand. Can't remember the price but something like £40-45 ish before vat.

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