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Td4, is it worth getting?


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hello all and greetings from sunny Greece

Having owned only Discos in the past, I am now seriously considering acquiring a Td4 freebie, as a second vehicle (and yes I admit I hate the Golf 4 that we have at the moment).

ALthough the generic inpu I have had so far is that the Td4 has presented far less problems than the K-series powered ones, any input on the issue at hand would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks a priori :D

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Td4 is a nice engine, they go extremely well. The ones here suffer fuel leaks but apparently that is down to the fuel.

Though if you are buying new remember the all new Freelander is not far away now so you can wait and either pick up a new one of those or no doubt get an excellent deal on a Td4 once it is "old hat" :)

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