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clock lights don't work

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hi all, my lights on the clocks, instruement, panel don't work never worked since i bought the defender 90 1987,need info, is there a switch, if so what colour are the wires when i removed dash, cheer's defender dinky

hi defender dinky i had the same prob when i bought mine i had a switch next to the hazzard one with a picture of the interior light and a speedo it was nackered couldnt find one land rover couldnt find one so i put in some blue led boy racer type lights from halfords and took the live from side light switch and earthed it as normal on the dials hope this helps(the live wire on mine is red on the switch you push forward for your lights side and dipped beam)

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On my 1992 model the gauge illumination feed is taken from the light switch (i.e.. it turns on when you turn the vehicle lights on) and is coloured Red with an Orange trace.

Of course mine are now Td5 gauges so the illumination is actually worth having ;)

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