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Inclinometers ?

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Having altered my front suspension I want to check how close I've got my castor back to being stock - so I've been looking at inclinometers with a view to measuring the diff and prop on mine and taking the same measurements from a standard vehicle.

Ebay has cheap plastic dial types, for £4.15 posted:


Or these for just over £20:


Both are much cheaper than on line shop prices.

My concern though is that £20 seems a bit for a tool I'll use once - whilst the £4 one doesn't convince me it'll be easy enough to use ....

Can anyone make and suggestions or recommendations please?

I looked at tool hire, but non seem to have this kind of thing.

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One of my students at college was using his iphone as an inclinometer on his cabinet work and looking very proud of it. Then I pointed out that he didn't have a flat edge on the iphone to gauge from as I rocked it.

I would go with the cheap one for a one off job if it is accurate enough for your needs.

How accurate do you need it to be? I have transfered relative inclines using a spirit level and a packing piece at one end.

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I've got a starrett version of the cheap one which I use for getting the angle of steel buildings and general fabrication ,it works well and have had no problems :)

Just make sure you've got you're vehicle on a level surface or level the vehicle up before you take any readings otherwise it will give you a false reading (apologies if I'm stating the obvious !) :ph34r:


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I paid 59p for one on my ipod touch. Its one of the first ones made and has flat sides so no trouble with taking readings.

It seems to be working well - and is certainly the cheapest option so well worth a try.

My steering self centres - but there still seems to be a little vibration that wasn't there before - so I'll see what this turns up :-)

Thanks for all the replies everyone.

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And a whole load of apps for Android too.

Although there isn't yet an app to give you G force around corners, or tell you how many degrees your Landy is leaning when on a side slope.

Hmm...might have to brush up on my Java...

Your bottom is a far better gauge of your angle on a side slope :D


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