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8274 oil


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Hi all,

Just pulled apart my 8274 to change the oil, and qive it a quick once over, what oil should I put back in?

Had EP90 in it before, but was told to use ATF dextron 3 instead?

Whats the concensus?

Thanks in advance :)

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I'm supprised at ATF being recommended as it has fairly low lubrication properties compared to gear oil. Or so I was instructed by an engineer

Having said that I used all sorts in 8274 and 8074 winches in the past. I ended up changing it fairly regularly thru water ingress anyway

I would say use whichever you have the most of or is cheapest :)

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I have tried numerous different oils and notice a big speed increase when using fully synthetic oil (qtf)? compared to ep or atf,

saying that having not touched my truck for a while on the first event this year I used engine oil hoping it would have cleaning properties.

I do intend on siphoning it out and re filling with 250ml of qtf

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