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V8 & ZF Auto in Defender

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I'm in the process of fitting an auto to my 110 and was wondering where others had mounted their shifter, a mate has a 90 for off road and had the shifter on a bracket in front of the transfer box lever so it fitted in the standard transmission tunnel, but when in 1st you could not select low range so this isnt acceptable really. I have a cubby box and would prefer to keep it really

So what do you have?

Pics would be appreciated

Thanks :)

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hi there i did see an adaptor in one of the landy mags last month that located the shifter to the place normally taken by the cubby, i have seen a number of installs using fabricated consoles some good most are nasty.

you can buy a copy of the nas & 50th auto console from ashcrofts £400 approx you will need support bracket also

i have attached pics of my original console during a trial fit prior to painting.






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