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Twin Battery Setup


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Hey guys, hoping for a little help. I know this has some what been discussed, but I'm still not clear.

I'm currently installing two batteries to the challenge truck as we discovered 1 battery can't cope with powering an 8274 and keeping a Megas***e *ah hem* Squirt'd V8 engine running.

So we have two batteries, and 3 make/break allbrights solenoids. One to kill vehicle, one to isolate rear winch and one to isolate front winch. The two winch allbrights are powered off the Vehicle allbright. It is my understanding that FIA want all electrical systems to be killed by one switch. but we can also isolate the winches independently. Hope this makes sense.

Now we have a split charge system (Tmax one) to allow charging the two batteries. However, the way that I have set up the isolator switchs I would have to have the winches running off the main battery opposed to the aux battery, this basically means that a split charge system will only seperate the two batteries when the vehcile is switched off, but apart from that act as a cable connecting the two battery's in series, and such allow the winch to drain the batterys (albeit over a longer period of time) and still allow the V8 to stall.

My thought is to have another Make/break relay that will be between the batteries in series to seperate the batteries until needed (when one is flat or extra power needed to help winches)

I must admit I'm new to this, so any thoughts would be appriciated



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