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tyre wear


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Hi all

Some time back I had a new set of tyres fitted.

The other day I noticed that the front passanger side tyre was wearing on the outside edge as though the tracking was out,only the drivers side is ok.

The tyre place checked the tracking and said it was 4 deg toe in but could not adjust because of a siezed adjuster bar.

Has anyone got any ideas as to the uneven wear.

Thanks in advance.

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I once had uneven wear on a tyre and the tracking was correct so the fitter said: "I bet you live in a cul-de-sac?". I said I did and asked how he knew. He said turning around in the road the same way every day causes uneven tyre wear. Mind you that was with a car fitted with lighter tyres than you'll find on a 4x4 so, in your case, may not apply.

I think I'd get the adjusters unseized (tip: a 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone is a better - and far cheaper - pentrating oil than you can buy) and have the tracking checked again.



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The first thing that springs to mind is positive camber on that corner (ie the top of the tyre is further outboard than the bottom). Given that adjustment involves pulling the hubs apart and fitting wedged shims, and that no adjustment should really be required, I'd go looking for excessive wear in the joints (like the swivels) or a bent axle housing or similar.

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