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Bonnet Mounted Spare

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Hi all,

Does anyone know how tight you are supposed to do the nuts that hold on a bonnet mounted spare?

(300Tdi 110)

I've got three wheel nuts holding the spare on, and if I do them all the way up it "sucks" the bonnet up by about 2cm towards the wheel.

So I was guessing there is a perfect point between having the pressure deform the bonnet and stopping the wheel moving about.


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I have no experience of the bonnet mounted carrier, but I would have thought there should be another nut or a spacer further down the stud for the wheel to sit on and the fixing nut to tighten against, It's certainly that way with the door mounted carriers.


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The wheel sits on four rubber bungs, then a slider comes up through the bonnet with a plate and three threads on it.

As you tighten the three nuts this moving part comes up to it's full travel and then if you continue to tighten up the slider pulls on the bonnet.

I assumed you did the threads up all the way, but as I said that pulls the bonnet skin up by about 2cm under the wheel. I can loosen them off, but that may cause the wheel to come loose maybe ? :unsure:

Hence asking for advice. :D

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Obviously you have a rear door mounting... The standard one used by MoD on 90/110 has a center post and two internally threaded posts on each side for bolts. And a special holder to put on top of wheel that the bolts hold down. The bonnet is also reinforced to take the weight. Or the upward strain when bolts are tightened. :)

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I've got the strengthening beams under the four rubber bungs and in between etc..

Next time I'm at a show I'll have a look at the other Camels and check. See if it's an odd one or they are like that.

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Just in case anyone is interested...

I got to the bottom of this. (I think)

For the 97 event the 110s were made to carry alloy wheels, this was the only year the Camel Trophy used alloys.

This meant a new type of bonnet mount as the ones for the steels (MOD type) with the plate on top and bolts wouldn't fit an alloy rim.

So I'm thining it's probably just specific to the 110s used on the 97 Mongolia event. Unless it has been copied later, but I've not seen another.

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