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Bulkheads, what's the options today?


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My Series three is pretty sound with a galv chassis but the top part of the bulkhead around the vents is knackered.

I'd like to sort it out and have been making inquiries.

It appears new bulkheads are not available although a Defender one is and with some mods will fit.

Craddocks have a repair panel for sale, see here:


or Item number: 370383900386 Can this be fitted in-situ or does the bullhead have to come out first?

I went to see a chap today, he's a mechanic but has a leaning towards LR's, he says he'd swap a bulkhead for me and take about 3 or 4 days. Looking at the work involved I'd say that was reasonable.

Are there any specialists out there that do this sort of thing on a regular basis? I quite fancy getting it done by someone who's done plenty - that way there are no dramas!

Anyway, I'd be really grateful for any information on the subject, I'm fairly new to series vehicles and the search hasn't come up with that much.

Cheers Julian.

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Hit the search button. You're looking for the link on herte somewhere to Ashtree somethingorother. They do full bulkhead restoration and have had good feedback.

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There we go. Not cheap though, certainly more than I would entertain spending.

Best way these days seems to be to modify a Defender one to fit. The key being that good condition (and even new) Defender ones are still around, whereas pretty much every Series bulkhead around these days is shot, and those that aren't go for silly money!

Then again, there's a lot to be said for repairing the one you have. I'm sure I've seen top sections available.

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i've modified a defender one. Got it for £80 from a breaker as new. ok its a fair bit of work to open up the gearbox tunnel and change the windscreen mounts over but i did it in a day.

Yes changing the bulkhead will take a while longer but it will give you a good opportunity to sort out any niggly wiring issues when you put the dash back in.

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I've patched up a few series bulkheads for people.

As long as good metal is there you can do a satisfactory repair, so long as you think carefully about how the original was built. The corner rot is fixable but you have to find the internal fold near the hinge attachment and clean that.

You then puddle/spot weld the repair to this, as well as the rest of the sheet.

Easier do than describe.

Could you post up some pictures of the damage? I would be able to give you a few hints, then.

Repair sections for the corner of the vent are very inexpensive, try Paddocks, YRM metal solutions, or making your own.

If you can MIG weld you sould be able to do it with the bulkhead in situ, however you will probably have to strip a numebr of components off, to avoid vent seals and the like from going on fire.


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Thanks for the replies. I spoke to Ashtree and have decided that I'm going to get one of their galv bulkheads, they're certainly not cheap but I really like the idea of being able to forget about rust in that area for a few decades!

I'll let you all know what it's like when I get it.


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