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Truck Pictures Wanted

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A bit of a crisis in the wonga department means I can't afford the Cooper ST's I was going to get.

The only option in my price range looks like General AT2's - 245/70R16. Whilst not being known for being a style victim, I don't want the truck to look 'girly'.

Has anybody got 245/70R16's on their truck? And if so could you post a piccy or two for consideration?

Thanks in anticipation.


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:o , :huh: , :blink: , <_< - well guess that settles it then - 255/85R16 it is - best save some pennies.

Any other suggestions for 6.5x16 rims (got to use them as just had powdercoated!)?

Thanks for the picture H - it really does speak a thousand words!

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what u want is a set of insa turbo special track 265/75 r16 these will get u out of anything while looking mean as hell and are well big, they only cost 80 bucks a piece so price is good . I got um on my 90 they been on there about a year and they still have loads of tred left on them. I use the 90 every day as it is my main car/ landy. Cant fault them for price, the ability 2 get u out of the deepest mud and shear mean looking.

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Would love to put 265's on but they wont fit my 6.5 rims.

Whilst not wanting to question your manhood - Surely 235's will be far to skinny - got any pictures (of 235's not your manhood!)?

gonna get flamed for that one :ph34r:

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