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td5 egr inlet is 20%


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would this cause a power problem

i took it to devon 4x4 today and they couldnt find the fault they tested it on a t4

i have hired a td5 from site4x4 and it pulls like mine used to

Going through the same problem at the moment..... I have narrowed it down to two things today...biggrin.gif

My MAF is failing, although it appears to be working when compaired to another TD5 (SiWhite's) with a new MAF my readings are very much down. hence I am loosing power on the top end sometimes....

The second fault I have is a leaking Fuel Pressure Regulator, going to be replaced tommorow.....

I beleive the two faults together have had me chasing around in circles for the last six months as they are both still "working" the problems have been hard to catch.


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