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Another MegaSquirt install

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The latest HOFS creation, known as "Plan B", is running MS'n'EDIS.

The lump is (supposedly) a JE 4.0 with Cosworth cam & TVR flat-plane crank, so it should be a bit fruity :P top end is 3.9 hardware, with a facet lift pump feeding a Mondeo in-tank pump sat in a swirl pot (AKA Sputnik). This was a "whatever is cheapest on eBay" solution, so we'll see how it fares.

Rather satisfyingly it started first turn of the key, and after setting the timing it seems to run OK, Ross reckons it's a spirited drive :D despite the fact it's currently running the MSQ from my rather more standard 4.6.

Oh yes, so far the first test-drive has reached 1,172 miles :lol: . What with time being an issue, we didn't get chance to tune it, and they don't have anything with a serial port or copy of MegaTune to adjust it with :rolleyes:

Interestingly we turned multispark on when we were fiddling with the timing and it appears to work just fine on the EDIS8 we have, contrary to popular belief about the EDIS8's not having it.

Quite looking forward to actually tuning the thing when they get back, I reckon it's got a lot of love to give.

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