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Recent Salisbury Plain Trip

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Whilst my dad and i were driving around on Salisbury Plain on 15th May 2010. We noticed that a large quantity of the wider byways that criss cross the plain have been surfaced over the past couple of months. The bit that surprised us the most that despite having no proper rain for months there was still some very deep sloppy mud in the Chitterne Down mud hole. Whilst we were towing our friend out we were aware of a large quantity of false smoke arising from the German Village. As his engine slowly dried out they began firing what we think were blank rounds. Yet, according to their firing dates Chitterne Down, Westdown/Larkhill and Warminster ranges were meant to be fully open to the public. When our friends engine dried out we very quickly left that part of the range and drove round to the Westdown Range to try out the byways there. Has anyone else got lost on the byway that goes to the back of Westdown Camp from the A360 and had to ask the guard for directions?

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If it was from the German village(Copehill down)Then it would've been blank ammunition being used on there it's not as far as I remember ever had live small arms ammunition fired within the confines of the village and I've used it a fair few times in the past after parachuting onto the drop zone close by on exercise



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Thats worrying as we had a "Landmarc" range pickup drive by about 5 minutes before but he drove along the army track and didnt even check the byway section. My dad and i were sort of hoping that they were using blanks for the heavier artilery. We were in the bottom of the valley next to the deep mud hole when the rounds started to go off. But there were no signs or boards stating that we should not drive on that particular byway so we proceded as normal.

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