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Thoughts on a new chassis

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Having been mega bisy with work latley i have not touched my truck for a while but am about to kick off with it again and have been thinking about the chassis,

After spending so much time chopping and changing it that i now think i may have wasted my time as just building a new chassis would be more practical as i need to do so much more work to it that i thought it would be the easy way,

Making a new box type chassis is no prob as i can just laser the sides and weld it all up but i have thought about a tubular type as i can get more clearance this way and it would poss be lighter weight, Has anyone any experience with this type of chassis, obviously i will need to do a bit of working out on it but if it is built strong it should hold up fine,


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im assuming you have seen the rest of it but if not, it has this


attatched to the top of it,

in the with it just as a bare chassis it is all tacked together with cross tubes in place to keep the spacing correct etc whilst we put the space frame on top,the winch trays & A frame crossmember all become a structural part of the frame as much as the rest of it,

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