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A good day.....


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Hey all,

Had my MOT today - after my TDi300 has been off the road for 6 months...It passed with only advisor that number plate on front was starting to delam :lol:

Spent 6 months welding new box section sills, both front wheel arches up to headlight rebuild including battery trays, both rear wheel arches, inner wings at back & front, new brake pipes where needed, drivers front caliper replace...etc,etc,,

Without the help of you guys on here, i wouldnt be here now gloating :P as this has what has helped me get her back on the road..

Still got lot to do including bootfloor and rear crossmember before next time, but im made up - considering this was my first real welding experience..It proves theres hope for us newbies...

The tester said it was "better welding than what he usually see's and was pleased with the work..

The secret of my success was to rent a large bottle of gas and use unfluxed mig wire...flux cored is carp IMHO and did not weld the same for me..

Just going to tax her from tuesday, and its a summer of fun in the pipeline.. :):):)

heres to all you chaps, les, adrian, mark - and others...thanks for your help and advice


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