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lpg on a 90


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Its been a while since being on here - change of job, a child - the norm stuff really.. but back to LR's

Two things

Who's (as in maker of) got the best LPG system currently running.

This will be for a V8 (3.9 ideally) in a 90 which I intend to do as a project (county station wagon)

Next question - - where can you put the tanks? external of vehicle only please - - under the seatbox area is fine but not in the boot as the space is tight to start with.

Over to you lot now - as I have been out of the loop for some time now.

Cheers in advance.

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There are few good makers I use the Bigas on my 3.5 v8 but have the tank on the inside. As for the 90 I would inquire for the torpedo types and obtain a smaller petrol tank. . Best chat with a local installer for specs and certification as there are new rules come out on the lpg fitment.

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