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Wheel adjustment

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Hi all, I've noticed lately that the right front is running off on the inside of the tyre. On a closer look it seems as if the whole tyre is leaning or slanted. The bottom farther out than the top. Is this just a case of checking shimms on the swivel ball? would appreciate a few thoughts. I'm 90% on rough gravel roads and quite often in thick bush so didn't really notice until on a flat surface.

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Are your track rod's(front and rear) bent at all? if they are it maybe time to reinforce the rear one with sleeving it with a piece of box tubing(the last one I did before I got my sumo type bar was using 30mm x 30mm box section) and welding a piece of angle iron to the front one aslong as you have access to fabrication equipment to do the job properly that is?



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Checked all the rods and none are bent. If you stand in the front looking at the Landy the drivers side looks as if it is tilted of of 90 deg. But the left seems to be at 90.

Jack the wonky wheel (the one that looks wrong) just off the ground.

Hold the wheel at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock and rock it gently side to side - does it make a noise, move a little and then go clunk, or something like that?

Hold the wheel at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock and do the same thing - does it make a clunk noise, move a little and then go clunk or something?

If it does it on both tests it's probably the wheel bearings loose or worn (Tenhnical archive guide to adjusting wheel bearings here, replacing them here.

If it only does it on the second test (12 / 6) then its probably only the swivel pin bearings / bushes, Archive guide here though this is for a Disco, the principles are the same. The workshop manual bit is here, pdf page 49.

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