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200TDI performance issues.

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What speed should a healthy 200TDI 90 be able to maintain on the highway with BFG A/T 265/70-16s on? I just drove the new 90 back from Halifax and I don't remember the 110 having trouble with maintaining speed on the hills, etc but the 90 seemed to struggle somewhat.

I am suspecting the turbo, but would appreciate knowing what to look for to figure this one out since the 110 is still currently in the workshop and not-quite finished.

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My 110 when running well will maintain 70mph-80mph on the flat. Speed may drop to about 60 on long motorway inclines.

I would say if it can't maintain 70 on falt roads then something is wrong.

I would check elsewhere (cheaper componants) before changing the turbo. I've just fitted a second hand engine which seemed to cure smoke problems which I had associated with the turbo.


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Lift pump

Valve clearances

Lower ratio than standard transfer box ie: 1:668 instead of 1:410 ala defender?

Clagged up intercooler(internally)

Intercooler pipework collapsing inwards

Knackered injectors

Fuel injection pump

and lastly the turbo itself

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