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Broken Diff-Lock?

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Hi all,

so finally decided to fix the weeping front output seal on the transfer-box, ordered the parts, booked a lieu day and was looking forward to spending a sunny Friday under the truck. Changed the seal without too much hassle - knew I should have got some new prop bolts in ready!- even patched up some other leaky gaskets while down there.

The problems surfaced when I tried to use diff-lock to hold the front output flange still whilst undoing the ruddy great nylock that holds it on, or in other words it didn't.

Cutting a long story short - changed the seal put it all back together and went for a run today. I go the truck on some wet grass and tried the diff-lock.

The diff-lock indicator comes on as expected but when I forced the wheels to slip there are all sorts of banging and clonking noises coming from the T-box and the light flickers on and off. When driving on tarmac with the diff-locked the diff-lock light also randomly goes off and comes back on again, although there is no clonking!

It must have been like this since I have had the truck - but ion all honesty I haven't had the chance to off-road it so I have never needed the diff-locked.

Anybody know if this is something I can rectify at home or is it time to find a second hand transmission?

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