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How many miles on your clock?

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Hi All,

Hope you're all enjoying this lurvly weather we've had lately, especially with a bit of rain today just to get things a bit muddy again.

I was wondering what sort of mileage you have on your Defenders? (by far the best Landrover). I have just passed 231,000 on the original engine and gearbox, just goes to prove that if you look after your Defender it may just outlast you in years and mileage (mine seems to be in better condition than I feel most mornings!).

I am still looking for some doors though, to replace the ones I have, which seem to have a disagreement between the alloy and steel (a common problem I understand) then she's gonna have a respray to liven her up a bit now I've spent a bit of cash on her running gear.

Also I was wondering if LR4x4 go to shows such as the LRO at Billing or my home town of Peterborough, perhaps to have a stand?


Kev English

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Also I was wondering if LR4x4 go to shows such as the LRO at Billing

only members on here go to various shows, the website isn't affilliated with any business or LR magazine & never will be, so the forum doesn't have any show stand, it's purely a online website, members do meet up for days out or meet up at places like shows just for the social.

as for mileage, you've got a long way to go, my 110 is now on 419526, had it since mid 1993.

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i'm on 194,000 about 300 of which is mine.... :lol:

one day soon i might put another 50 on. I managed about 10 yeasterday before i removed another essential road going item in anticipation of replacing it.

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