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Snorkel removal


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I removed our Mantec snorkel today, which was fitted when i bought the vehicle, to try and take care of some of the rust it had growing, so knowing it wasn't a quick job i made up a vent for the wing and it's now basically as standard.

thing is, having nipped to the shop earlier it seems to be picking up a lot better! i can hear the whooshing of air as the turbo kicks in (something i couldn't hear before) and it definitely seems faster.

firstly, is this a normal thing? or am i imagining it?

and secondly, i could really leave the snorkel off now as we're not anywhere particularly sandy or dusty, which leaves me with the problem of the four holes drilled through the frame next to the screen, how's best to fil them? i didn't really want to leave nuts and bolts in as whoever fitted it originally made a bit of a balls up so consequently the bolts are all at odd angles.

i was thinking some liquid metal type stuff to fill them....

any thoughts please?!

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Unless your snorkel was blocked I wouldn't think that a Mantec one would be causing a problem with air intake, before you block the holes and get rid of it consider that the snorkel is also great for preventing killing your engine if you go a little deeper than you thought...


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I'm not getting rid of it, but i'm in no rush to put it back, i'd rather have it off a while and spend a bit of time de-rusting and re-painting it.

i checked the snorkel as i took it off and it wasn't blocked, there was a bit of carp floating around the mushroom top, but nothing i'd call a blockage.

i'm off out for a decent drive tomorrow so i'll see if it's just me, and i'll see what my wife thinks too about the extra oomph...

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Guest noggy

Won't filler fall out? i thought filler needed something to back onto? i'm filling straight through holes, i though chemical metal stuff would bond to the alloy frame better?

Filler would do a perfect job, sand it smooth and repaint!

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