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Td5 Injector codes help please

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I've arranged to take my 2000 Td5 over to Bell Auto Services in mid June for a re-map. So prior to that I've been doing little outstanding jobs to get it ready, FPR leak etc. One of the things I've done is plug it into my friends Nanocom to check for faults.

What its turned up is that Nanocom is saying that all 5 injectors have the same code. Apparently this is as likely as winning the lottery ....

They have been recorded as:






So my plan is to get a new cam cover gasket and lift the cover to read the codes directly from the injectors- so that we can put these in before I take it to be mapped.

I've seen this thread, with a bit of info from Porny - though I'm still not clear what the last two letters on the ECU are given that the injector only seems to have 5 letters, where the 5th is converted to a number.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Also which is injector 1?

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An update:

Got time to pop the cylinder head cover off today and jot down the injector codes... they are all totally different.

Each one has the 5 letters and also a large single number on them too, not sure if that is supposed to correlate to which cylinder its in? if so number 5 would be at the front and has been changed ? ? ..

Reading from the back of the engine to the front:






Can anyone confirm what Ralph said, that the cylinder at the front of the car, on a Td5, is no.1? So that when I program them in its all on the right place.

I'm also curious as to how the codes ended up being all the same ... ? I wonder if it was a new ECU and that was the default? Any guesses?

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For mine the plot thickens - the part number recorded through Nanocom is NNN000120 - ie the later flashable ECU.

So my guess is that mine has had a new ECU, the later type, and that's why the injector codes are as they are. I only hope they uploaded the necessary EU2 files to it ....

Config. tune ID:sttlp009

Fuel tune ID:sthle022

ECU Part number:NNN000120


I've no idea! ?

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If you look in the Nanaocom manual it says to check the numbers on the injectors themselves, I think because of the different types of injectors it can't always read them although it read mine ok.

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My understanding is that Nanocom (or any other diagnostics) cannot "read" the actual injectors, only what is currently stored in the ECU. Therefore if the ECU has been changed in the past and the actual codes from the top of the injectors have not been re-entered it will not give the correct reading. This may explain why they are all the same?

As you now have the numbers from the top of the injectors, it is now simply a matter of using Nanocom to "write" them to the ECU.


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