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high level brake light

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Can anyone recommend a nice flat mount high level brake light for the back of the 110? i've seen some on t'internet but they all seem to be designed to mount on a standard coupe type rear window...

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IIRC the Land Rover standard door glass ones fit to two threaded studs which have sticky pads to fix to the door. Perhaps Uncle Ralph can help with part numbers and perhaps a diagram ?


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I like the early Freelander ones, with the Land Rover logo shape. Don't see those that often fitted on other Land Rovers though.

I have a Freelander 1 high level brake light fitted centrally above the rear door. Fits nice and flush and doesn't get knocked by whatever you have inside.


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I haven't suffered any problems from objects inside the vehicle knocking the light unit - it's very slim and is tucked well out of the way. One positive thing about having that internally mounted light, rather than the externally fitted alternatives (that's very neat, by the way, Mickey) is that there is just enough reflection off the inside of the door glass that I can see the brake lights are working - having suffered a lot of faulty Brtipart brake light switches a couple of years ago (one lasted a few weeks, the next didn't work at all, the next couldn't be correctly adjusted to come on at the right point and then extinguish on release, and the fourth broke after two days), it's a handy confidence test in the system (even though the more expensive genuine switch was a doddle to set up and has been 100% reliable).

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