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A good day out in the West Berks countryside! Left Swindon, out to Baydon, Great Shefford, Peasemore, EastIlsley, then back down to M4 and home!

A few sticky places :D and a few scratchy places :unsure:

All in all though a nice day out!

Cheers guys, see you all soon! ;)post-21141-127584660622_thumb.jpgpost-21141-127584666133_thumb.jpgpost-21141-12758467085_thumb.jpgpost-21141-127584682296_thumb.jpg

Even saw a crop circle! Saddly the file was too big to upload :(

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I borrowed a pair of 235/85/16's from John to 'try on for size', but they really are too big. I know I only have a 1" lift + HD springs (and no winches etc.) but they fill the arches so much that I doubt you'd get much movement. Maybe the clearance outweighs it, but I've decided to go 245/75/16 when the current set wear out or go pop.

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Probably should move this to the Disco forum now...

I take what I said back. Did the 'Camel Cut' today and fitted on the 235/85/16s and really like the look. No idea how it'll drive with that extra radius because I only have a pair to fit. Also removed the front lower-plastic-bumper bit to trim away the bumper corners. Liking what I see! :)

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